Birthday, Wedding Graduation & Anniversary Gift Ideas

Looking for a creative gift for Birthdays, Weddings, Graduation and Anniversaries?
Give your loved one a surprise with our lovingly handcrafted balloons!
All our gifts are fully customizable.
We deliver islandwide across Singapore. :)

Or how about throwing a surprise party?

Check out our entertainment and decoration services here.
You can’t buy happiness but you can hire our happier artists!
Book some fun and laughter for your party at or +65 9271 7106. :)

Gift Idea 1

Light me up balloon sculpture

Finally you’ve found the best of both worlds!
A gift to express your love and a personalized balloon sculpture made to look like him or her!
If you’ve got some creative ideas, we are happy to customize it for you too!

Hers at only 148 SGD
Add-on leaves or ribbons 10 SGD
Add-on confetti inside balloon 10 SGD
Add-on more sculptures *Please enquire*
Delivery 40 SGD

Birthday personalized balloon gift singaporeBirthday personalized balloon gift singapore
Birthday gift light me up balloon sculpture 1
Birthday gift light me up balloon sculpture 2
Personalized balloon birthday giftOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Gift Idea 2

Light me up balloon

Yes. Minimalist is still in style.

Hers at only 58 SGD
Add-on leaves or ribbons 10 SGD
Add-on confetti inside balloon 10 SGD
Delivery 40 SGD

Birthday gift light me up balloon 1Birthday gift light me up balloon 2
Wedding Balloon Gift SingaporeWedding Balloon Gift Singapore
Anniversary personalized balloon gift singaporeAnniversary personalized balloon gift singapore
Graduation Balloon Gift SingaporeGraduation Balloon Gift Singapore
Personalized birthday balloon giftPersonalized birthday balloon gift

Ready to order your gift?

Pop us an email at or whatsapp +65 9271 7106 with the following details :

Gift item : <Light me up sculpture OR balloon>
Message : Eg. Happy <Age> Birthday <Name>
Balloon Combination or Colors : <Select from color wheel below>
Add-ons : <Ivy leaves, Ribbons, Confetti or None>
Sculpture customization : <Choose your sculpture expression, hair color, hair style, clothes & anything else you would like to add>
Delivery Date :
Delivery Time : <9am to 12pm OR 2pm to 5pm OR 7pm to 9pm>
Delivery Address :
Recipient’s Name :
Recipient’s Mobile :
Sender’s Name :
Sender’s Mobile :

Our Favourite Combinations
Tropical Blossoms : Tiffany Blue, Coral, Peach, Rose & Pink
Summer Romance : Red, Fuchsia, Pink, Green & Gold
Sweet Daydream : Fuchsia, Pink, Peach, Grey & Gold

Or Mix & Match any 3 colors!
Balloon color wheel

Frequently asked questions

What is the size?
The clear balloon is about 30cm diameter. The base is about 15cm high. Sculpture size varies between 40 to 60cm depending on your design.

What is the delivery time?
Let us know what is the best time for your loved one and we will do our best to make it happen!

How long can it last?
Your clear balloons usually last a couple of months if you take good care of them. Balloon sculptures/bouquets are just like fresh flowers! They look their best during the first 2 to 3 days. We always make sure your balloon is made fresh on the day of collection. They will start to shrink slowly but we have customers who tell us their clear balloons look great even after 1 month! Keeping your balloon in a cool and dry place away from sunlight and sharp objects helps it stay in good condition for longer.

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