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Kids Magic Show | Magician Singapore

Our Happier magicians will liven up any party! If your child’s birthday is just around the corner and you’re struggling to find ideas of how to keep a house full of sugar-high children happy and reasonably entertained for the party. Well, we know what just might do the trick! Sometimes, all you need is a little magic! You can opt for the 30-min show or roving magician.

Just say the magic words: “Hi Happier Singapore, can we book your magician for our party,” and our professionally awesome magicians will be ready at your service! With a tap of a wand and a tip of the hat, our talented troupe will have your children sitting nicely in a row, smiling and laughing, amazed and astonished, and ever so attentive.

Our funny, fascinating and sometimes bizarre tricks often require a helping hand from the audience. This provides many an excited child with the opportunity to join in and participate as the magician’s apprentice! What’s more? Our experienced magicians have a whole collection of interactive acts for their 30-minute magic shows, best suited for ages 5 and up.

There’s no need to worry about boring the parents either. Our mysterious magic men and women have enough goodies in their bag of tricks to keep the whole family thoroughly entertained.

For adult parties, we also have roving magicians that roam the party. Get a close-up look at our unbelievable tricks that will dazzle and delight your guests (and you.)

So, next time you start to feel the pressure of party planning, you have a new trick up your sleeve for a fantastic party and many magical moments to remember. Just give us a call, and let the magic happen.

Kids Magic Show | Magician Singapore

Kids Magic Show | Magician Singapore

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