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Face Painting is a great source of entertainment, kids and even adults can’t resist on getting in on the fun! Our face painters are happy to paint on your arms if you just can’t get enough of the attractive colors!

Our job is all about creating smiles, a memory that will last a lifetime, the chance to be what ever you want to be. We make the magic happen, and that is why we love our job so much!

Our friendly team of professional face painters are guaranteed to brighten up your next event. Add a bit of colour and sparkle to any occasion. With plenty of experience we are able to create beautiful, unique designs fast, using professional quality paint and glitter designed to be safe on the skin.

 From our Fast and Fabulous painting for busy events to one of custom designs, there is something for everyone.

Birthday Parties, Hens Parties, Baby Showers, Fancy Dress Parties, Corporate events, Roadshow Promotions, Full Body Paintings, Prenatal Belly Paintings, UV Glow Face & Body Painting for Small and Large Community Events… We can do it all!

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I am ready to book!
Drop us an email at sales@happier.sg with your date, time, venue, no. of kids/adults & theme for a quick quote!

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Is your face paint normal water color?

We use only top quality professional face and body paints. They are water-based makeup and can be easily washed off with warm water or baby wipes. We sourced from around the world and invested in the best face and body paints that are (1) non-toxic so it doesn’t matter if some of it is licked off, (2) highly pigmented so we can paint much faster without having to go over a few times, (3) dries fast and smudge-proof.

Will it cause rashes or allergies?

Our face and body paints are FDA certified and hypoallergenic. We paint at least 50 kids every weekend from ages 2 and up. None of the parents have reported any allergic reactions to date. Good stuff eh? But if your child has existing wounds, rashes, flaky / sensitive skin, our artists will NOT be able to oblige a painting. Not only to protect your child, but also for the hygiene of the other children who are coming under our paint brushes.

What duration should I book?

At parties, we aim to not just to paint, but also to entertain! So if you’d like our artist to build up the excitement by spending a little bit of time engaging the child in stories of their favourite Superhero, Princess, animal or picking out all their favourite colors from our rainbow palette, you can expect 10 to 13 kids in 1 hour. Else for abstract designs like flowers, butterflies, spiders, hearts etc, we can easily paint up to 20 kids in 1 hour. We also help to suggest designs so the kids don’t spend too much time thinking. The number of children is not a hard and fast rule for us. If it’s end time and there is still 1 more child left, we will gladly oblige to see that happy smile. :)

Here is a quick guide to help you decide how long to book:

Less than 15 kids – 1 hour by 1 artist
15 to 20 kids – 1.5 hour by 1 artist
20 to 25 kids – 2 hour by 1 artist
25 to 32 kids – 1.5 hour by 2 artists
32 to 40 kids – 2 hour by 2 artists

What will you recommend for children are aged 3 and below?

At this age, fun to a toddler is made up of novel sensations, happy sounds and bright colors. This means abstract designs will work best. They are quick to paint will ensure the experience is most enjoyable to him / her. It also helps for moms and dads to have their toddler sit in their laps if they are aged 2 and below. When you echo our artists with your “Ooooh!”, “Wheeeee!”, “You look amazing!”, we guarantee your toddler is going to love getting painted even more. It doesn’t matter if he or she sweats off the painting in no time, what matters is funny feeling of being painted and looking super cute for mommy and daddy!

What will you recommend for children for 4 years old and above?

At this age, your child is usually smarter than you think. They can be really specific about what they want. We don’t limit designs to any predefined catalog because our paintings are driven entirely by your child’s imagination. If he wants a Rainbow Spiderman, he gets a Rainbow Spiderman. If she wants something we’ve never heard before, just do a quick google on your smartphones and show it to us! We’ll paint anything! Just remember to cater more time so we can afford to entertain the character requests. :)

Do you paint adults?

Oh yes! Our favourite kind of children are those young at heart! We would love to paint a butterfly for Granny if she’s sporting enough! Or an Olaf on Dad’s nose? The kids go crazy when the adults get painted too. Our experienced artists are also highly sought after for corporate D&Ds, night events and private face and body painting appointments. Do remember to book us early for Halloween! Our artwork for private appointments tend to extend slightly into makeup artistry due to the precision, creativity and painting technicalities involved. We are very much more meticulous so expect 15 to 30 mins per pax depending on whether you want just the face, or your neck, arms, back etc covered as well. If you still prefer simple & fast designs, let us know and we can adjust our painting style accordingly.

Can you paint on the legs or thighs?

You’d be surprised that we’ve ever gotten such requests! When at kids parties, we only paint on faces, neck and arms for hygiene and other sensitivity reasons.

How do you charge?

Our artists are hired on an hourly basis with minimum 1 hour booking per trip. On the spot extensions are subject to artist availability. Our weekend schedule tends to be very tight so do consult us on the right duration to book if you are not sure.

Do you dress up?

Our face painters will come in kids-friendly happy-looking clothes for standard bookings. But we also have dedicated male and female artists who have both the personality and face painting skills to pull off a superhero, princess or mermaid party if you happen to be planning one. :)

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