Party Nail Art / Express Manicure

Party Nail Art / Express Manicure

Our party nail artists can pull off cute nail art & rainbow manicures perfect for princess spa parties!
Create that pampering experience your little girl has always dreamed of!

Nail Art Manicure for Kids Party - Glitter - Happier Singapore.JPG
Nail Art Manicure for Kids Party - Frozen - Happier Singapore
Nail Art Manicure for Kids Party - Floral - Happier Singapore
Nail Art Manicure for Kids Party - Happier Singapore

Nail Art Manicure for Kids Party - Animals - Happier Singapore

Nail Art Manicure for Kids Party - Doraemon - Happier Singapore

How do you paint so quickly at parties?

A professionally done nail art plus manicure at a saloon typically takes 1 hour per pax so you must be wondering how are we going to paint all the kids at your party. Well, that’s because we adapt the methods and type of nail art specially to cater for children birthday parties. :)

For kids parties, nails are typically cleaned before going to school. This means your manicures are left on for just a day or two over the weekends. That’s why we usually skip the base coat and this saves about 2 mins per person. Base coat is used as a protective layer as manicures are typically kept up to a week on adults. We still bring our base coat along should there be any requests for it. :)

Another way we finish our nails faster is by using simple nail art techniques such as dotting, glitter frosting & pre-cut stickers (we waste no time at all as all materials are prepared ahead of time).

We also end off with saloon quality quick dry top coat to ensure the kids are less likely to come back for touch ups through the party. Despite the quick dry top coat, nails need to air dry for at least 3 mins. For best results, you can top up a nominal amount for our nail artist to bring along their saloon grade nail dryer (power source required).

Rainbow nail colors are a common request by kids. But the more colors / glitters chosen, the longer it takes for the kids to choose and for the artist to paint. In such a case, you may need to request an on-the-spot service extension, subject to the artist availability. However if you wish to keep within budget, we can help you manage the kids requests but you will need to let us know ahead of time.

We do not use any cutting or filing tools at kids parties for hygiene purposes.

Here is a quick guide to help you decide how long to book:

2 colors + 2 simple nail art + glitter per pax (skip base coat) :
Less than 8 pax – 1 hour by 1 artist
8 to 12 pax – 1.5 hour by 1 artist
12 to 16 pax – 2 hour by 1 artist
16 to 24 pax – 1.5 hour by 2 artists
24 to 32 pax – 2 hour by 2 artists

What ages are suitable for nail painting?

We use saloon grade nail polishes. These polishes are not water soluble. Removal of polish needs to be done using an alcohol based nail polish remover. This means the polishes are not typically recommended for children under 6 years old. But if you’re one of those moms who believe in “rugged” parenting and the “just-experience-everything-within-limits” attitude, I’d say go for it momma! It’s an opportunity to educate your child how to care for their nails and their health. Taking the polish off at the end of the weekend can be part of the deal.

Do you paint adults?

Yes we do! But do let us know ahead of time as a more adult-oriented artist will need to be allocated for your party, especially if you’re hiring us for bridal showers and D&Ds.

How do you charge?

Our artists are hired on an hourly basis with minimum 1 hour booking per trip. On the spot extensions are subject to artist availability. Our weekend schedule tends to be very tight so do consult us on the right duration to book if you are not sure. You can also top up a nominal sum for the nail artist to bring along a saloon grade nail dryer (power source required).

Do you dress up?

Our nail artists typically come in kids-friendly happy-looking clothes for standard bookings. But we also have dedicated female artists who have both the personality and skills to pull off a princess or mermaid party if you happen to be planning one. :)

I am ready to book!

Drop us an email at with your date, time, venue, no. of kids/adults & theme for a quick quote!

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