Happier Mother’s Day to all moms!

May 11th
Family face painting_happier singapore

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The Extreme Sailing Series 2013 gig was the longest gig I have done for the year so far! 7 hours straight in Singapore’s super sunny weather left me in a hot mess. Best of all, a heavy storm came when I packed up at 7.30pm. Luckily my dear boy friend, JS, came to my rescue. By the way, JS is the photographer who took all these awesome pictures. You can see the quality of his shots compared to those in my previous posts!

This is my favorite shot of the day because the whole family got their faces painted! How often do you see a mom joining the queue with her little ones to get her dash of color? :) Plus it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow so it’s time to get into the “mom-appreciation” mode.

Family face painting_happier singapore

Another lovely family shot! I admit I have a fetish for little boys in wild cat designs! I think being in that wild cat face masks helps them channel their boundless energies in a positive way. They can officially get away with being playful and rowdy because they are after all, wild cats. :)

Tiger family face painting_happier singapore
Roaring tiger face painting_happier singapore

Big brother is looking all macho in an abstract marvel super hero face paint mask.

Spider man super hero face painting_happier singapore

Look at the intent look in those eyes as I did a Chompy, the shark for him.

Shark face painting 2_happier singapore

I can totally tell a Japanese child when I paint one because they are such mild natured, lightly happy and calm children. Can you tell? I felt like JS captured their mannerism pretty well in this photo. :)

Spiderman tiger super hero face painting_happier singapore

These 2 sisters must play a lot in the garden. They both requested for cute garden bugs, a caterpillar and bumble bee!

Bee and caterpillar face painting_happier singapore

Inspired by the recent Iron Man movie!

Iron man super hero face painting_happier singapore

An abstract asymmetrical girly design.

Pink fairy assymetrical face painting_happier singapore

She’s a swimmer so I painted her a marine butterfly.

Blue butterfly face painting_happier singapore
The Mr Bean soya food truck was having lull time in mid-afternoon so I had the chance to paint some of their staff. What a small world that Dean and Song Xue both work at the One-North outlet opposite my office!

Fire dragon face and hand painting_happier singaporeIce cream face painting_happier singapore

And yes, I do visit Mr Bean pretty often nowadays and get some special perks there. :)

Two sisters feeling V-ictorious with their flower power!

Pink blue princess face painting_happier singapore

Enough of the airy fairies! The Cool girls are in the house! How about a tiger butterfly or abstract leopard?

Rainbow butterfly and leopard face painting_happier singapore

Maybe even a spider girl?

Spider girl super hero face painting_happier singapore

Who says only boys can be wild cats? You go girl! Show those Tiger boys who’s the real King! RAWRRR.

Lion face painting 3_happier singapore

Ok that was just fantasy play for her. She’s a real sweetie. Won’t you look at that? It’s not just the popsicle melting. My heart is melting too.

Adorable brother sister toddlers 2_happier singapore
Adorable brother sister toddlers_happier singapore

I can hear you going “Awwww..” :)


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there! May your Sunday be filled with laughter and hugs from the little (or overgrown) ones. I would like to thank you for giving me a chance to paint your lovely kids!

To my own mommy, I love you. :P So mushy. But whatever.

Mom, all the work I do now..from making kids happy..to the personalized way I run the Happier Singapore business..is inspired by you! When I paint, I am in fantasy world of being a mom like you. Every child I paint, no matter how squirmy or dictatorial, I shower with love and patience like you did to Amanda and me.

This is by far the longest blog post I had the patience to write! Thanks for reading to the end! :)

Yours Playfully,

Happier Face Painter Balloon Twister Alicia Lye

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